BBK Open Science Fest is back!

BBK Open Science Fest (BBK OSF) is an open and participatory science festival that offers all citizens the opportunity to enjoy, socialize and learn about science, technology and innovation and learn about global movements such as citizen and community science, social innovation, digital naturalism and much more.

We want to do science with you to have fun and show that science in society allows us to create a better, more sustainable, ethical and respectful world.

2nd Edition “Open Science to
Make a Change”


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to light the fragility of current models. That is why this year’s edition is focused on innovation and social improvement.

The festival, as in its 2019 edition, presents a wide and varied program of participatory and experimental performances and experiences. Besides, in this edition, it includes for the first time an international meeting of open and community science through an Open Call, which will value your proposals.

Where and when will it be held?

The festival will be held at Sala BBK and other venues in Bilbao, from June 7th to 13th. It will also be possible to follow it online through a link that will be sent by email to those who register to BBK OSF’21 Online through Eventbrite.

To access the program, both in person and online, it is necessary to register and request your ticket. Links to purchase tickets will be available soon.

Who is the festival aimed at?

Families and children

BBK OSF’21 has a program aimed at families and younger audiences. Stay tuned, there will be many shows and science activities that you can follow and do from home, easily and safely, if you have the materials ready.

Educational centers

BBK OSF’21 has an offer aimed at experimental education in science and educational innovation. You can participate by presenting activities and educational projects in STEAM, environmental education, sustainability, health, etc., through the “Open Call”. As an attendee, you can participate in the sessions aimed at educational staff or students, online or in person, to learn about some of the most innovative proposals in education, participate in science shows, hold workshops and contribute with your vision and experience in the open dialogues.

Companies, professionals and entrepreneurs

BBK OSF’21 has an offer aimed at entrepreneurship with a scientific-technological and social base. The festival will be a showcase for innovative ideas, products, services, models and solutions that seek the common good, especially if they use and promote open science and technology. You can be a collaborator, participate through the Open Call or follow the festival online or in person.

Science lovers

BBK OSF’21 has an offer aimed for anyone to learn, share and practice science. It will be a meeting where to share and enjoy open, citizen and community science. There will be hands-on science activities in which you can participate, and if you want to share the science you practice, we also encourage you to send us your proposal through the Open Call.

People who are not involved in science

Science accompanies us in all aspects of life. If you are a curious person, eager to learn and experiment, you will find in the festival a wide range of activities related to what you like. BBK OSF breaks the stigma that science is complicated, boring and that it is not only for people that have knowledge of science already.


  • Science is not only for scientists, science is for all people.
  • Knowledge should be open, understandable and available to everyone.
  • Anyone can do science through friendly models, which liberate curiosity and boost creativity, in order to move towards individual and collective improvement.
  • As happens in nature and among living beings, it is necessary to promote models of collaboration or cooperation to evolve towards a better world


  • Science is fun
  • Scientific inquiry is a right for everyone.
  • Science should be democratic and open
  • Scientific and technological knowledge should be used for the common good.
  • Science can bring us closer to reality and stimulate our critical capacity.
  • Science in society offers us infinite opportunities for improvement.
  • Citizens have the right to participate in scientific and cultural production.
  • Society has the right to participate in decisions about the social implications of science.

Open science to make a change