BBK Open Science is an open science festival that welcomes everyone to participate.

Science is not only for scientists, you can also do it!


Science has the ability to work wonders with our brains and our lives. It allows us to know ourselves and our surroundings through experience. It is a rollercoaster of ideas that drives our imagination. A never-ending source of novelty, of fascinating speculations about almost everything that matters to us. It offers us new ways of seeing, feeling and thinking, because it is constantly changing and, properly used, it is possibly our best tool to create a better world.


Biology, the science that studies life, is what we propose for you to discover, enjoy, respect and love life. Practicing biology will help you to transform your relationship with other living beings. Other humans, nature and you will benefit from this.

No boundaries between people and disciplines

Arts, sports, health, food, human relationships, games, music, technology… everything is related to life. At BBK Open Science, just like in real life, the boundaries between people and the borders between disciplines disappear.

Science in society

BBK Open Science is at the forefront of the open science, Do-It-Yourself biology, citizen science and social innovation movements. These growing global trends are redefining education, research, outreach, technology, culture, scientific and cultural production, innovation and entrepreneurship. Facilitating access to knowledge and providing communities with everything they need to do science for common good.

Biomimetics and bioinspiration

Life is an example of efficacy and efficiency, collaboration and cooperation, beneficial competition, sustainability and circularity. It is an immense source of inspiration, knowledge and resources. If we work in favor of life, we work in our favor.

Social and citizen innovation

BBK Open Science wants to help citizens to become protagonists and producers of their own solutions. Open science, technology and collaborative creation facilitate the search for innovative, respectful and sustainable solutions.

Our essence

BBK Open Science alone cannot change the world, but it can make it easier for you to change it. Universal access to science contributes to individual and collective development, so that citizens can lead the urgently needed social and environmental transformation.