Snapchat AR Magic Hits the San Francisco Museum Scene

San Francisco Museum. So, picture this: the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF) is teaming up with the brains behind Snapchat to sprinkle some AR fairy dust in their museum! These tech-savvy peeps are introducing the first-ever interactive augmented reality mirrors in a U.S. museum.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

The de Young Museum, part of FAMSF, is getting three fancy AR mirrors next year, and they’re taking the museum experience to a whole new level with these bad boys. These mirrors are going up for the exhibition “Fashioning San Francisco: A Century of Style,” kicking off on Jan. 20.

What’s the Scoop?

Now, this exhibition’s all about women’s haute couture and top-notch fashion that’s graced the streets of San Fran over the past 100 years. Imagine strutting down memory lane with pieces from over 50 designers, including big shots like Coco Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and Alexander McQueen, among others.

Snapchat to the Rescue

Snap Inc., the genius minds behind Snapchat, announced that these AR mirrors will let museum-goers virtually try on some evening outfits from the exhibition. How cool is that? You can try on stunning pieces by legends like Yves Saint Laurent, Kaisik Wong, and Valentino, right there in the museum!

A Touch of History

Thomas P. Campbell, the big cheese at FAMSF, is thrilled about this whole AR mirror thing. He reckons it’ll give visitors a chance to feel like they’re part of fashion history and imagine their own role in San Francisco’s stylish future.

The Tech Behind the Magic

Alright, let’s break it down. This Snapchat AR wizardry uses real-time images projected onto the mirrors. And get this—it adjusts those gorgeous outfits to fit all sorts of body types, sizes, shapes, and genders. This tech’s not new; brands like Coach, Ugg, and Nike have been using it to give shoppers a sneak peek at how stuff looks in real life.

Snapchat’s Fashion Statement

Rajni Jacques, the fashion and beauty head honcho at Snap Inc., is over the moon about this collaboration. She thinks it’s a rad way for Snapchat to blend tech with culture, letting folks express themselves creatively and bringing historical couture to life in a whole new way.

Wrapping It Up

San Francisco’s museum scene is about to get a major makeover with these Snapchat-powered AR mirrors. You’ll be able to step into the shoes of fashion legends and see how their creations suit you—literally! It’s a whole new level of experiencing history and fashion, and Snapchat’s bringing that magic to life at the museum!